Adult Classes Offered


First Saturday of each month:

All classes taught by our advance students. Making straight seams, use of steam irons, helpful sewing tools, etc. This day is an open day for class discussions, special guests and opening up the world in USA.


Third Saturday of each Month:


  • Open Sewing for Basics of Sewing:Is for students who would like to learn how to sew using an electric machine.
    Instructor: Archana Mehta, Faculty Kent State University Fashion Design School.
  • American Standards: Classes are taught by community volunteers who are skilled in their craft. Students learn to make table runners, bags, quilting, etc. These skills are used to craft items made at students home and are sold at bazaars locally. The students are paid for their work.
    Instructor: Cathy Parker, with 20+ years experience.
  • Production & Marketing: Advance students who have mastered sewing skills and make products to be sold at holiday bazaars. Learn to work with silks and special materials.
    Instructor: Denise Soundreker, with 20+ years experience.


Youth Project

We saw the need as our students have daughters age 8 to 14. Our Youth Project offers girls an opportunity to explore sewing and different art forms.


First Saturday of each month:

Explore the world of art, jewelry making, macrame and apply it to  their daily lives. Guest speakers and projects planned.


Third Saturday of each Month: 

Sewing for Fund: Learning sewing by making pillows, scarves, warm hats, quilts, etc.

Instructor: Jan Bryant with 20 + experience.

Class Schedule

Classes are held on the first and third Saturday of every month at Patterson Community Park Center.

Address: Patterson Community Center, 800 Patterson Avenue,Akron, Ohio

Time: 10:30 am to 1 pm

Snacks and lunch are provided

Fresh food distributed to students only.

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