Yoga Mat Bag: Up-styled tapestry fabric with saree silk base, large pocket with magnetic snap for keys and strap, large enough to keep your yoga mat, clean and safe.


$40.00 and $25

SOLD OUT at :Akron General Wellness Center at Montrose

Tote bags :

Made from printed silk sarees, the inside lining has a pocket inside. Silk is reinforced with light weight felt. Bag can be hand washed and hung to line dry.

Shoulder Bags:

Bags are made with sturdy denim or sturdy fabric which is embellished with Indian silks, embroidery, gold work.
Each bag is one of a kind and come in 3 sizes – small, medium and large size.
All bags have a pocket inside and outside storage of cell phone, credit cards – choice of zipper or magnetic snaps.

Fancy Belts

Fancy designer belts made of imported Indian fabrics which has been embroidered with gold and silver bead work – fabric rarely seen at stores. Belts are made from borders of very expensive and beautiful sarees by our crafters. Limited edition.

$25.00  – $35.00

Denim Apron:
Made from from recycled jeans and skirts. Attractive,soft, washable and hand stitched.  One of a kind.

Half apron $15.00
Full size starts at $25.00

Straight Scarves: 72″ long and 26″ wide

Designer fabrics from sarees are used to create colorful, one of a kind scarves. These can be worn as a wrap, scarf, skirt.

Infinity Scarves: made in small size for single layer or  medium size for option of double wrap around neck.

Fabrics in silks, chiffons, crepe silks, cotton and other prints from India’s fabrics you will rarely see in the American market.

All scarves are at: $25 each

Felted Soap:

wash cloth & soap in one, makes soap last longer, gentle exfoliate, wool is anti fungal.

$6.00 each


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